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kasher,kosher,kashrut,kosher supervision,kosher directory
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 Kosher Directory Home > Kosher Etiquette
Kosher Directory
Kosher Etiquette

A practical guide on how to interact, socialize, and conduct yourself amongst kosher observant acquaintances and friends without feeling awkward and out of place.

For the basics of "kosher" please read "The meaning of Kosher," which will give you an overview of what kosher is all about.

1. When visiting with "kosher" friends, it is perfectly appropriate for you to ask questions about their observance of kosher.

2. When inviting "kosher" friends to your home please do not be offended when food is refused. It's nothing personal.  Keeping Kosher is a way of life, a commitment that is taken very seriously by those who observe the laws of "kashrut."  "Cheating"  is not an option, and the only time the laws of "kashrut" are ignored is when a life is at stake.

3. If you would like to entertain "kosher" friends, there is a way.  Purchase "kosher" takeout food, and serve on disposable dishes.  Do not warm food in dishes or ovens that are generally used for non-kosher cooking.

4. But wait.  As there are different levels of observance, before making the purchase of takeout food from your local kosher deli, ask your invitees if the particular outlet in your neighborhood meets with their "kosher" standards.

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