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kasher,kosher,kashrut,kosher supervision,kosher directory
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Kosher Directory
What is Glatt Kosher?

Glatt kosher refers to the status of meat which is determined to be in accordance with the highest standards of Kashrut (kosher laws).

The word "Glatt" means "smooth" in Yiddish. Technically, the definition of Glatt Kosher is attributed to meat obtained from kosher animals (ruminant and with split hooves), properly slaughtered in compliance to biblical slaughter laws, whose lungs are free of questionable lesions, and whose Kashrut status has never been doubted. After kosher animal is slaughtered, the animal is opened and the 'smoothness' of its lungs is verified.  If the lungs are found to be defected, the meat is considered "traif" or unsuitable for consumption by kosher observing folk. 

Glatt Kosher applies to Meat from animals, not to poultry or any other food product.  These days, however, the term Glatt Kosher is often used incorrectly, with the intent to imply that products processed under a stricter standard of kashrut.

So when you find "Glatt Kosher" stickers on non-meat food product such as fish, poultry or dairy, you may smile at the "ignorance" of the marketing department, or give them kudos for using a non-relevant term to promote their product.  In any event, when a Glatt Kosher designation is claimed, it is meant to imply that strict kashrut laws are followed.

Glatt Kosher is also found as an adjective used by Kosher Catering Services as well as Restaurants.  Most often companies claiming the distinction of providing Glatt Kosher services, one may assume that included in the menu are beef dishes.

Another term that is often used to convey above average and above standard compliance with kosher laws, is "Mehadrin" (from the root "hadar," literally "glory") and higher yet, "mehadrin min ha-mehadrin."  ("glorifying beyond glory" - adherance to kosher laws above and beyond standard requirements).


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