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kasher,kosher,kashrut,kosher supervision,kosher directory
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Kosher Directory
Kosher Glossary

Chalav Yisrael
Refers to milk and any dairy product that is produced under constant rabbinical supervision from milking through packaging stages.

Chalav Stam
Milk which meets the USDA set requirements, whose controls are considered sufficient to prevent any mixing of cow's milk with milk from a non-Kosher animal, and therefore considered kosher. ”Chalav Stam” milk production is not supervised by a rabbi.

Meaning "of meat" in Yiddish. Used to identify meat products, utensils and equipment.

Glatt Kosher
Refers to the status of meat which is determined to be in accordance with the highest standards of Kashrut. Kosher animals which have been properly slaughtered, whose lungs are free of questionable lesions, and whose Kashrut status has never been doubted can be referred to as glatt. Glatt Kosher applies to Meat from animals, not to poultry or any other food product.

Kosher supervision. Also, the copyrighted symbol that appears on a products, attesting to its Kosher status. Each mark indicates the endorsing rabbinical authority. Currently there are nearly four hundred rabbinical supervision authorities that provide “hechsher” services.

Kashrut / Kashrus
General reference to the subject of Kosher food and Kosher supervision.

Kosher / Kasher / Kascher
Meaning is "proper" or "fit" for use, particularly applying to food.

Kosher For Passover
In addition to meeting the year round requirements for Kosher, foods must also meet the Passover dietary laws, which prohibit the use of any fermented grain products (Chametz), during the entire Passover holiday. Many of the products that are Kosher all year, require additional supervision for Passover.

Kosher Style
PLEASE NOTE: Kosher style catered affairs, restaurant and takeout food outlets are NOT certified kosher.  "Kosher Style" is a misleading designation given to traditional Jewish Food sold in, among others, Delis (Delicatessens) such as Gefilte Fish, Chopped Liver, and stuffed cabbage to name a few.  These Jewish dishes are not inherently kosher. If consuming kosher is important to you, be sure to verify whether the food provided to you or purchased by you is actually kosher, that is prepared from kosher ingredients and supervised by a mashgiach.

To make something (food, utensil, equipment) kosher by using proper procedures prescribed by Jewish Law.

The person that supervises, inspects, and monitors the production of kosher food.

Meaning "of milk" in Yiddish; used to identify any dairy product, utensil and equipment.

Pareve or Parve
Refers to “neutral” - a status of Kosher food which is not considered either meat, poultry, or dairy, and is prepared on or with “neutral” equipment.

Taref / Treif / Treifah
That which is not kosher.


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