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kasher,kosher,kashrut,kosher supervision,kosher directory
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Kosher Directory
Who Eats Kosher?
Do You Have to Be Jewish to Eat Kosher?

Who is the Kosher Consumer?
Jews comprise only about twenty percent of the market for Kosher food.  Though, according to Jewish historian, Jenna Weissman Joselit, in the beginning of the previous century kosher-keeping Jews were fading away. "Between 1914 and 1924," writes Joselit, "the consumption of kosher meat in the Greater New York area fell by 25 to 30 percent. By the mid-1930s ... levels of kosher observance had fallen so low that [one magazine said] it made ‘Jew and gentile alike wonder that kosher is a still a word to four million people in the USA.’"

However, the tide has turned. The kosher industry in the United States is enormous and for years has been growing between 12-15 every year.  Currently, upward of 10 million people in the American market acquire approximately sixty thousand kosher products, produced by nearly ten thousand companies. Only two million of the kosher consumers are Jewish. The other eight-plus million are people who choose to eat kosher for religious (Moslems), idealistic (Vegans and Vegetarians), and health reasons.

Expanding Demand
According to Dr. Judith Leff, Doctor of Biology, and  Director of Ingredient Research, at the Kof-K kosher Laboratories, the demand for kosher-certified food and ingredients is increasing at an astonishing rate. Among many examples, some of the most select wines from the aristocracy of French wineries now have supervised productions. Surprisingly, this phenomenon is due mostly to the non-Jewish segment of the population, which views kosher certification as a guarantee of wholesomeness, naturalness and quality. Strict vegetarians, Moslems, Hindus, and people with allergies to dairy foods, look for the kosher-parve designation as their best assurance that a food contains no animal-derived ingredients, including milk and all of its derivatives.

Are You Eating Kosher Food? - You Most Certainly are!
You may not realize, but chances are you and your family consume an array of kosher products.  Some well-known brands that produce certified kosher foods include Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Post, General Mills, and Kelloggs cereals, Coca Cola, Nabisco, to name just a select few.

Check your pantry, and you'll find a whole lot of items with kosher symbols on them.  And you thought you didn't eat kosher :)


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