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kasher,kosher,kashrut,kosher supervision,kosher directory
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Kosher Directory
Why Eat Kosher?

Do you know why movie detectives enlist the use of the phrase "This don’t smell kosher" when circumstances or things seem misaligned or out of kilter?

Actually detectives in the movies and also in real life do so because kosher stands for quality, purity, wholesomeness and truth. It really means "fit for use".   Fitness—physical and spiritual—is a matter of making the right choices, and leading a proper life.   Are you counting yourself among the millions who are now into fitness of mind and body? Are you counted among the the consumers of kosher that make kosher food is the fastest growing segment of the food industry today.

Kosher Food is Healthy Food
If you’re used to thinking of kosher as an antiquated health prescription, think again. Kosher guidelines are part of a conscientious, in-tune lifestyle:
 • Processed foods must be produced under strict supervision
 • Meat and fowl must be slaughtered in a humane fashion
Since the animal feels no shock and little pain, far fewer toxins are released into the blood
 • Scavengers and predatory beasts are forbidden

Gourmet maven Dr. Myles Bader writes, "If you want healthy, clean-tasting chicken, buy kosher." Kosher chickens are submerged in ice-cold water for thirty minutes, salted to remove blood and rinsed three separate times to remove all the salt. Since 48% of food poisoning is caused by contaminated chicken, this process could literally be a life-saver.

The Kosher laws were not made for physical health reasons. But it comes as no surprise that what's good for the soul turns out to be good for the body as well.

Food for the Soul
Body and soul are intimately connected. Whatever happens to the soul is reflected in the body. And the food the body consumes has an impact on the soul. Just as some foods are healthy for the body, and others are harmful, so too the inner person, the soul, has foods that nourish it and foods that obstruct its growth.

The soul needs to breathe, to reconnect to its source—and the body is its only conduit. Eating kosher food helps ensure that the arteries of that spiritual connection are clear. The soul is able to shine through.

It doesn't stop there: Keeping kosher not only benefits your inner self. It touches the soul of the entire world. Because everything a person does is a way to infuse the world with spiritual light—including eating. When you eat food in a dignified way, and use the energy of that food for good things, the food itself becomes spiritual.

Easy, tasty, avant-garde
Fact is, you’re already more kosher then you think. Chances are, 9 out of 10, that the cereal you ate this morning was kosher. As many as 65% of the foods in your supermarket are already kosher. It’s likely that most of the packaged foods in your fridge have a kosher symbol—go check! And if you have a favorite food that doesn’t have kosher supervision, you may be able, if you so desire, to find a perfect substitute that does. 

If you want to keep kosher, note that Kosher cuisine isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. 
You can choose and pick what you are comfortable with.
 • Don’t mix meat and milk.
 • Cut out pork and shellfish.
 • Buy only kosher meat.
 • Buy only those processed foods that have kosher certification.
 • Or maybe you’re ready to make your kitchen kosher.

If you want to kosher your kitchen, ask your local rabbi - or ask us and we'll provide you with information regarding a rabbi in your area.  info@mazornet.com


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